People Who Had Credit Cards Between 1990-2004 – Read This

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People Who Had Credit Cards Between 1990-2004

Did you have PPI? Are you owed £1,000 … £2,750 … even £6,500?

People Who Had Credit Cards Between 1990-2004

If you’ve ever had a mortgage, credit card, loan or car finance you may be due £2,750.

And that’s only the average payout for a PPI claim. You could be entitled to even more.

What is PPI? And why’s there a scandal?
Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is an insurance policy added to mortgages, loans, etc. It’s there to cover your repayments should you fall ill, have an accident, or lose your job.

The scandal is banks and lenders often sold us PPI – without telling us.
Over the last seven years banks have already paid out more than £20bn to people mis-sold PPI. However, with 20 million PPI policies sold on loans, credit cards, mortgages, etc, this is only the tip of the iceberg.
What’s more, the banks have set aside an additional £23 billion to cover the cost of claims. With most of it still yet to be claimed, it really makes sense to see if you’re due anything.
But according to the latest Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announcement, your time to discover – and claim – any money you’re owed could be running out.
The FCA have suggested:
  • There should be a cut-off date by which all PPI claims and complaints need to be made by.
  • No further claims will be accepted after the cut-off date.

So now really is the time to find out if you’re owed £1,000 … £ 2,750 … even £6500

How do I find out if I have a claim?
You could – of course – go back through all the mortgages, loans, credit cards and finance agreements you’ve ever had. Then contact each company individually. And do your best to make a claim each time you find any evidence you’ve been mis-sold PPI.

But it takes an age.

For example, do you know where you’ve kept all the old documentation you’ll need?
Worse still, any lender you contact will do their level best to wriggle out of any claim you try to make.
Completing the online check:
  • Only takes around 30 seconds.
  • Is easy to do.
  • Will tell you whether you have any claims.

But that’s not all …


  • Don’t have to root out stacks of old documents.
  • Aren’t obliged to pursue any claim.
  • Won’t be bombarded by nuisance phone calls.
  • Will ensure you don’t miss out on receiving any money you can rightly claim.

Don’t forget time’s running out
Millions of people around the country were mis-sold PPI. If you’ve ever had a mortgage, credit card, loan or car finance you could be one of them.

But with a potential a PPI claim cut-off looming, you need to start finding out today.

After all, isn’t £2,750 worth 30 seconds of your time?
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People Who Had Credit Cards Between 1990-2004
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