Top 10 Dangerous Jobs in the World

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When one thinks of the word job, it seems to be very cool, calm, and peaceful like a person in a well-decorated office seated in front of a desktop computer having glass windows facing the sunset, and the biggest risk is running out of coffee. However, there are several jobs which are dangerous and life-threatening; professions that can cause not only injury but also death to the individual at the working site due to hazardous and unsafe conditions. Here are the top 10 dangerous jobs in the world.


10 – Construction workers

TOP 10 Dangerous Jobs in the World
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Many accidents are known to happen at construction sites. Often, workers do their jobs with giants steel beams hanging over their heads or on uneven surfaces high above the ground. Falling is the most common cause of death among construction workers. Electric shocks, explosions, high and low temperatures, loud noises, asbestos, solvents, incorrect lighting, and smoke can also be hazardous to construction workers.


8 – Roofers

TOP 10 Dangerous Jobs in the World
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Working on rooftops and equipped with hot temperature materials, roofers face various dangers while working such as heat strokes, fall accidents, and others. The chance of death in this job is 40 out of every 100,000 people.


7 – Hazardous Material Workers

TOP 10 Dangerous Jobs in the World
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These workers eliminate toxic waste from places such as factories and laboratories. This job may seem easy and simple due to the safety dress provided to the workers, but it is dangerous enough that 47 out of 100,000 people die following the side effects of these deadly materials.


6 – Pilot and Flight Engineers

TOP 10 Dangerous Jobs in the World
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This does not refer to pilots who fly commercial flights. We are talking about pilots and flight engineers who do tasks like rescue operations during storms or bad weather and play with flames when rescuing people fire accidents. These people are very well trained and top ranked in their fields, but unfortunate events do happen.


5 – Fishermen

TOP 10 Dangerous Jobs in the World
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Having a high death rate due to the menacing and threatening conditions in the deep sea makes it one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Desperate and heavy storms have been known to seize fishers during their daily operations. Fishers deal with unwanted situations throughout their work and do tasks without considering worst circumstances.


4 – Street Sweeper

TOP 10 Dangerous Jobs in the World
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If you have ever been to Kiva in Rwanda, you will understand why street sweepers are on this list. Many street sweepers work throughout the night in busy traffic and in neighbourhoods that are less than friendly.


3 – Stunt Men

TOP 10 Dangerous Jobs in the World
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Between jumping out of high rises, swallowing fire and blades, and driving cars over cliffs, there is plenty of room in this profession for death and injury.


2 – Courier Carriers

TOP 10 Dangerous Jobs in the World
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From newspaper to pizza delivery boys, this job is actually quite dangerous in many countries. Delivery boys often fall victim to armed robbery and other violent crimes.



1 – Mountain Guides

TOP 10 Dangerous Jobs in the World
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Between ice, jagged rocks, long falls, low air pressure, strong winds, and a long list of other dangerous sounding conditions, there is a reason why mountain climbing is not known for its safety.


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