Top 10 Hottest Female Comic Book Characters

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Comic book characters have been around for a while now, some remaining in their original format, and others being revived in cartoons, live action shows and Hollywood blockbusters. Regardless of the media, these characters are usually made to represent a super-powered version of humans, with extraordinary abilities, unique powers, and quite breathtaking appearances. After all, if it’s all fantasy and imagination is your limit, why not make them as hot and attractive as possible? So, judging not by their physical or mental super powers, but rather the hot bodies, charismatic personas and overall sex appeal, these 10 hottest female comic book characters make this world of fantasy sizzle!


10 – Rogue

Top 10 Hottest Comic Book Characters
Image source FantasyMagazine

We might not be seeing much skin from one of the hottest X-Men girls, but nonetheless she is hot. Rogue’s super power is based on touch, which is why she’s almost always covered up in full body suits and gloves, but still, even without the flesh showing, her appearance is undeniably attractive. Plus, the whole “no touching” policy makes her even more desirable…


9 – Mystique

Top 10 Hottest Comic Book Characters
Image source Pinterest

Another deadly female from the X-Men series who has our gaze focused on her is Mystique. Her blue skinned body gives her that “alien” or more precisely “mutant” appeal which is so fascinating. Sure, she can shape-shift into anyone, but there’s no need, we prefer her in the original form: clothes-free with nothing but some tactically placed scales to make her seem not naked, when in actuality Mystique is practically nude.


8 – Psylocke

Top 10 Hottest Comic Book Characters
Image source Villains Wiki

Still keeping it in the multiverse of Marvel, this sexy superheroine has seen quite a few different iterations and appearances throughout the world of comics. Perhaps the most memorable one is Olivia Munn’s interpretation of this telepathic super power character in the 2016 X-Men: Apocalypse. As it turned out, the actress ditched the offer to play Deadpool’s girlfriend in order to portray Psylocke, a kick-ass heroine with an attitude.


7 – Black Widow

Top 10 Hottest Comic Book Characters
Image source Screen Rant

A spy, athlete and assassin all packed in a beautiful package called Black Widow. With no supernatural powers per se, this comic book character might not be as powerful as others on the list, but her seductive persona and charming appearance can be deadly. Scarlett Johansson played the character wonderfully in several movies and left the audience wanting more of the Black Widow.


6 – Wonder Woman

Top 10 Hottest Comic Book Characters
Image source Pinterest

There’s nothing sexier than a strong and powerful woman who can take on even the toughest foes. The character of Wonder Woman has been a feminist icon since its conception, but she became an instant favourite of both women and men. The very revealing costume she wears leaves little to the imagination, but Wonder Woman is a demigoddess proud of her heritage, ideals she fights for, and her smoking hot body.


5 – Vampirella

Top 10 Hottest Comic Book Characters
Image source LetterPile

When one of the character’s main abilities is inducing sexual arousal in people, there’s no doubt it will spark the attention of everyone. Vampirella has perfect curves, seductive gaze and a mesmerizing voice that can charm any male. With her outfit being as minimalistic as possible, her appearance alone is enough to forget everything else and succumb to her will.


4 – Harley Quinn

Top 10 Hottest Comic Book Characters
Image source Pinterest

If you’re not afraid of a little ‘crazy’ then Harley Quinn is your gal. Initially, the DC Comics’ supervillain was the Joker’s accomplice and lover who would wear a tight jumpsuit which made her look like a jester. More recently, the movie Suicide Squad brought us a more modern version of Harley Quinn where the gorgeous Margot Robbie infused the character with a special kind of crazy and sexy. The bad girl with an even worse attitude has locked the number 4 on our list.


3 – Poison Ivy

Top 10 Hottest Comic Book Characters
Image source Tumblr

The only woman who could mess with Batman’s head is Pamela Lillian Isley, aka Poison Ivy. Using the powers of Mother Nature, pheromones, plants, toxins, and above all sensuality, Poison Ivy gets her way with anyone. The green-themed outfit is usually consistent of plant leaves covering her voluptuous body, making a stark contrast to the vividly red hair which simply lures you into her arms. The Batman & Robin movie from 1997 might have been a huge flop, but we all remember Uma Thurman playing the intoxicating character or Poison Ivy.


2 – Emma Frost

Top 10 Hottest Comic Book Characters
Image source SourAcid

The White Queen, the Diamond Princess, the Frost Empress; Emma Frost may be all about the icy cold charm, but her hot body would melt anyone. Her extremely beautiful body is accentuated with an elegant and quite skimpy white outfit. It’s hard to focus and think of anything else when she’s around, but be careful, Emma Frost can read your mind and sedate you quite easily. January Jones portrayed the character in X: First Class, and her cold gaze and slim physique made her all the hotter.


1 – Catwoman

Top 10 Hottest Comic Book Characters
Image source

Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, Michelle Pfeiffer and Eartha Kitt were just some of the beautiful actresses who brought the legendary character of Catwoman to life on the big screen. The elusive figure of Catwoman is arguably the sexiest of them all, for there is something uncanny and undeniably sensual about the character which exudes femininity, mystery and sexuality in such a unique and alluring way. To top it all off, the full body skin-tight black leather outfit is hotter than any piece of bikini or revealing costume on the list, and the obvious S&M fetish surely sparks some flames. No one can handle her, her personality and character are unattainable, yet it makes her all the more desirable. This bombshell in black leather needs no super powers or spells to seduce, her sleek body, extraordinary physique and inimitable charm are more than enough to keep all eyes on her.

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