Top 10 Hottest Female Pop Stars

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Top 10 Hottest Female Pop Stars

James Brown famously said that this is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl, well, these girls are here not only to confirm that but to take it even further and scream that they run this world! Pop music is dominated by the fearless and strong women, sure, there are quite a few boys to look out for, but it is the girls who rule. These hottest female pop stars right now are slaying the charts, breaking hearts and changing the world of pop music, and we all love them for it.


10 – Selena Gomez

Top 10 Hottest Female Pop Stars
Image source tribuna

Even though the Selenators have been craving more of their adored goddess lately, Selena Gomez is still popping in and out of the spotlight with a hit or two. For now, she’s happy with her SO The Weeknd and doing an occasional collaboration such as the one with Kygo for the recent hit “It Ain’t Me”. After all, she’s just 24 and we can be sure to expect a lot more from her in the future.


9 – Sia

Top 10 Hottest Female Pop Stars
Image source thesun

It almost seems like there can’t be a hit song made without Sia’s vocals in it. The face-covering singer has been topping the charts both with collaborations and solo numbers, and her distinguishable vocals are all over the pop charts. Before she came into the spotlight, her amazing writing skills were used for some of the biggest pop hits performed by Rihanna, Beyoncé and many others.


8 – Jennifer Lopez

Top 10 Hottest Female Pop Stars
Image source thewrap

47 is her age, and just a meaningless number judging by her appearance, passion and energy; Jennifer Lopez isn’t showing any signs of stopping even after decades of a successful pop career. She is an actress, businesswoman, fashion designer, and most prominently a singer. Her performances are still sizzling hot and she’s really showing all the younger ladies how it’s done, even at her age.


7 – Ariana Grande

Top 10 Hottest Female Pop Stars
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As Nicki Minaj sang in “Side To Side” she’s the queen of rap and young Ariana run pop. Even though her Nickelodeon days are long gone, Ariana Grande is still quite young and on the rise. From a cute, child actress star to a sensual young lady, Ariana climbed her way to the top with a plethora of catchy tunes and popping hits. She’s able to turn from a sexy little minx to a tastefully elegant singer with some real vocal skills. Ariana’s here to stay, so keep an eye out for her.


6 – Adele

Top 10 Hottest Female Pop Stars
Image source kissottawa

The 28yo English singer-songwriter may not be trying to compete with others for the slimmest physique, hottest video or sexiest performance, but Adele has other ways of keeping it more than interesting. The candid singer can truly lay down some tunes and compose a heartbreaking song which will haunt you for years. Her powerful vocals can outshine almost any flashy performance or sexy video out there, Adele simply is hot.


5 – Rihanna

Top 10 Hottest Female Pop Stars
Image source diymakeup

The Barbadian pop singer made us wait for a long time before releasing her ANTI album, but some things are well worth it. Rihanna is keeping it sizzling hot whether by twerking, pulling some attractive dance moves or simply displaying her amazing singing skills. When an attractive body and great beauty come packed with immense talent, the results are out of this world. The racy singer is not afraid of showing some skin, and her boldness comes much appreciated from fans around the world.


4 – Katy Perry

Top 10 Hottest Female Pop Stars
Image source gotceleb

Charming, smart, sexy and talented; Katy Perry can be associated with a lot of titles, and even the most-followed person on Twitter is one of them. The hourglass body, mesmerizing eyes and powerful vocals are what make Katy Perry stand out among the rest. Some of her billboard records are even tied with Michael Jackson’s, ever since she gained fame in 2008, Katy Perry climbed to the top and never looked back.


3 – Taylor Swift

Top 10 Hottest Female Pop Stars
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Even though she’s been lately MIA, Taylor Swift is constantly rocking the charts with her smashing hit singles or sexy collaborations with other great names. Her break-up songs are what made her worldwide famous, and also won her more than 5 Grammys. Tay Tay is currently romantically involved with Calvin Harris, so it’s going to be interesting to see how that turns out, and whether he will become the new source material for this hit pop singer-songwriter.


2 – Lady Gaga

Top 10 Hottest Female Pop Stars
Image source MrGerrenalist

She reshaped the world of pop music, broke boundaries of acceptable and redefined what controversy means. Lady Gaga shocked the world with her stage persona, innovative videos, amazing talent and singing skills, and she keeps on doing it even today. When her Little Monsters are expecting something bizarre and provocative, she puts out a candid, emotional song which exudes raw emotions. After that, she designs an insane costume for her next live performance and stuns the world with an unforgettable act. We never know what she’s going to do next, but we do know we’re looking forward to it.


1 – Beyoncé

Top 10 Hottest Female Pop Stars
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There can be only one queen, and her name is Queen B. Singing, dancing, acting, empowering women worldwide, being a mother, wife, inspirational figure and a unique performer, Beyoncé is so many things that it simply can’t be put into a single paragraph. From her roots in the Destiny’s Child and the ‘90s, all the way to the top of the world today, Queen B has been slaying in the world of pop. She is fierce, sexy, classy, original and unique. There has not been anyone like her before, and probably will never be again. Others have tried, and simply failed, no one can do it like Beyoncé.

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