Top 10 Hottest Male Pop Stars Right Now!

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Top 10 Hottest Male Pop Stars Right Now!

Who run the world? Girls! Sure, but when it comes to pop music, there are also some boys who are more than deserving of our undivided attention. If it’s not their mesmerizing musical talent that’s got you going, then it’s the perfect bodies and dashing looks that make your jaw drop, or even both in some cases. The world of pop isn’t reserved for girls only, guys have been topping the charts, breaking records and keeping the gender game balanced, and these 10 hottest male pop stars are here to prove that!

10 – Zayn Malik

Top 10 Hottest Male Pop Stars Right Now!
Image source: hellogiggles

The offspring of One Direction, Zayn Malik managed to build up quite an impressive solo career in the short period after leaving the band. Massively successful singles and collaborations have launched him to the top of the charts, and he even hooked up with Gigi Hadid who starred in his video for the famous single “Pillow Talk”. Zayn’s latest collaboration with Taylor Swift is still rocking the charts.


9 – The Weeknd

Top 10 Hottest Male Pop Stars Right Now!
Image source: GQ

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, hasn’t been on the scene for a long time, but has already managed to propel himself to the top. It seems like every song he releases becomes an instant hit, so it wasn’t all about the unusual hairstyle like some people thought. If a tune has his name on it, you can bet it’s going to be big. His unique color of the voice has many people quivering, but he fell in love with just one girl – Selena Gomez.


8 – Calvin Harris

Top 10 Hottest Male Pop Stars Right Now!
Image source: E! online

The Scottish hunk, who is also a record producer, DJ, singer and songwriter, Calvin Harris is the mastermind behind many of the biggest pop hits. His frequent collaborations with Rihanna and other pop stars always result with overwhelming reception from fans worldwide. On top of a widely successful music career, Harris is a known model for underwear brands such as Armani, making him one of the hottest pop stars around.


7 – Charlie Puth

Top 10 Hottest Male Pop Stars Right Now!
Image source: tumblr

Another youngster on our list is Charlie Puth.  His career was launched sky-high almost overnight, making him one of the fastest rising singer-songwriter stars in the pop world. With several #1 hits already behind his name, Puth says he feels lucky that people are simply listening to his music. However, surely a few crushes have developed as well considering the fact he’s quite easy on the eye.

6 – Justin Bieber

Top 10 Hottest Male Pop Stars Right Now!
Image source: adweek

Love him or hate him, Justin Bieber is here to stay. His popularity has been unyielding ever since “Baby” hit the charts back in 2010. He ditched his “cute young boy” approach and embraced the “grown up” style both musically and personally. He is still making girls scream wherever he appears, and the Calvin Klein underwear modeling campaign surely added a few more reasons to scream about.


5 – Nick Jonas

Top 10 Hottest Male Pop Stars Right Now!
Image source: thatgrapejuice

He started off his musical success with the Jonas Brothers, but it wasn’t until he decided to go back to his solo career that Nick Jonas truly managed to shine. After a few more sexy collaborations with other popular artists, Nick Jonas pushed his name to stardom. Add a ripped body with chiseled muscles and you got yourself the whole package.


4 – Ed Sheeran

Top 10 Hottest Male Pop Stars Right Now!
Image source: Qmusic

He may not have six pack abs, but he’d be one of the coolest dudes to share a six pack with. Ed Sheeran is the kind of talent that has become extremely rare these days. This singer-songwriter will blow you away with his excellent guitar-playing skills, unmatched creativeness, captivating voice and a charming persona that exudes talent. It’s not always a chiseled body that makes you hot!


3 – Adam Levine

Top 10 Hottest Male Pop Stars Right Now!
Image source: Monday Monday Network

The lead singer of Maroon 5, judge/coach of “The Voice”, and occasionally and actor even, Adam Levine captivates audiences both with his vocal attributes and his physique. The heart-throb recently received his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and cemented his popularity. When he’s not hypnotizing the audiences with his moves like Jagger, his voice is enough to make you believe everything he sings about.


2 – Bruno Mars

Top 10 Hottest Male Pop Stars Right Now!
Image source: Pinterest

He may be 5’5″ tall but when he performs, he’s bigger than giants. Bruno Mars has managed to bring back the funk and introduce a new vision of style to the scene. The Hawaiian singer-songwriter, record producer and choreographer simply exudes style, confidence and sincerity in everything he does. Bruno Mars merges R&B, funk, pop, soul and a lot more, all the while keeping his swagger like no one else.


1 – Justin Timberlake

Top 10 Hottest Male Pop Stars Right Now!
Image source: Live Nation

He has come a long way since the Mickey Mouse club, and through his best and worst phases, Justin Timberlake maintained a loyal fan base that just keeps on growing. The super talented former NSYNC lead vocalist has been slaying the charts for more than a decade. And with all the records broken, we can only presume some hearts were broken as well. Timberlake’s irresistible persona, superb musical talent, sweet dance moves and dashing good looks make him the hottest male pop star right now. He is 36 years old and showing no signs of stopping, with many younger contenders around, he still manages to stay on top of the game.  Always reinventing himself, adopting new styles and keeping it fresh, Justin Timberlake just seems to be getting better and better with age.

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