Top 10 Hottest Reasons to Grow a Beard

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Top 10 Hottest Reasons to Grow a Beard

Once upon a time, shaving was a daily ritual like brushing teeth and bathing; hardly anyone apart from Father Christmas and nutty professors had beards. But these days, whether we’re talking hipsters, lawyers or bankers, there’s scarcely a clean shaven jaw in town.

Beards are hot; they’re a global fashion statement.

Read on for the Top 10 Hottest reasons to grow a beard

10 – Beards are sexy

Top 10 Hottest Reasons to Grow a Beard
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Without a beard, you might be cute but hot? Probably not. If you want to step up your game in the dog eat dog dating arena, do yourself a favour, grow some designer stubble or a full on beard and see what happens. I’m guessing you’ll be pleased with the results and your self confidence will rise in line with your pulling power! No question, with facial hair, masculinity, strength and above all sexiness is stamped across your chin.

Still in doubt, think Roger Federer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Denzil Washington what’s the common denominator here? I rest my case.


9 – Saves money

Top 10 Hottest Reasons to Grow a Beard
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When things are tight financially, makes sense to cut corners wherever possible, right? So why spend money on shaving paraphernalia if you don’t have to? Depending on your method of choice, it’s estimated you can save anywhere between £11.74 and £57.67 annually by leaving your facial hair alone.

I’m not saying you’ll be able to afford a 5* holiday on the proceeds but that money could keep you in lattes or chocolate bars for a while. Now there’s a thought.


8….and time


Top 10 Hottest Reasons to Grow a Beard
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I’m guessing on an average work day, you cut the time between rolling out of bed and rushing through the door pretty fine, so an extra few minutes wouldn’t go amiss, right? A geek has calculated that a 5 minute shave 4 times a week takes a whopping 45 days out of the average man’s lifespan!

With the time gained from skipping the daily shave, you could enjoy your cornflakes without combing your hair and tying your shoe laces at the same time. Remember though, I did say low maintenance, not no maintenance…a beard needs to be well groomed…trapped food morsels are disgusting and unkempt facial hair can make you look like a tramp or a terrorist.


7 – Makes you look older

Top 10 Hottest Reasons to Grow a Beard
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Schoolboy charm is all very well but if you want to be taken seriously, you’ve absolutely got to look grown up. Studies have shown that a moustache can give you an extra 5 years whereas a beard can add 10 years onto your actual age.

Yes, there’ll come a point in life when you want to reverse the trend but looking older when you’re in your 20s and 30s could give you an edge. You’ll look more capable, more like someone who can be trusted with a high salary job.


6 – and wiser

Top 10 Hottest Reasons to Grow a Beard
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Ok, you may not want to look exactly like this dude but you’ve got to admit, he looks well…wise, like he could tell you a thing or two about life.

As mentioned above, beards make men look older and therefore wiser (yes I know it doesn’t always work out that way) but in many people’s minds, beards, deep thinking and a high IQ go together

Think philosophers, religious figures, professors, kings – in our heads, they all have beards, don’t they?


5 – Makes you healthier

Top 10 Hottest Reasons to Grow a Beard
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Believe it or not, a beard is like wholegrain bread – the healthy option. There is evidence that facial hair blocks out up to 95 percent of the sun’s nasty UV rays, thereby reducing the risk of developing skin cancer. A definite plus, right?

Furthermore, beards are thought to stop dust and pollen from entering the respiratory system, providing asthma sufferers with some relief from symptoms.

So growing a beard isn’t just a skin deep vanity issue – it can actually be good for you.


4 – Hides a multitude of ‘sins’

Top 10 Hottest Reasons to Grow a Beard
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By anyone’s standards, double chins are not a good look are they? Well, growing a beard isn’t going to transform you into a sex god but it can lessen the impact, just like well fitting clothes can camouflage the spare tyre around your middle.

Not everyone is blessed with the kind of strong jaw which looks so cool in profile photos, so again, beards can come to the rescue.

And what about the curse of acne; if you get the chance to cover the unsightly red spots with a fashionable beard, why not?

Going out into the world with a face full of shaving nicks and cuts, bits of toilet paper stuck to them is not a pretty sight, really.


2 – Be natural

Top 10 Hottest Reasons to Grow a Beard
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Back to nature is a big thing these days…we’re encouraged to consume unprocessed food, artisan bread and cheese, organic, locally produced vegetables, so why not look natural too?

Caveman might be a little extreme and nobody’s asking you to swing from the trees Tarzan style but a certain wild warrior/badboy is a pretty cool look, according to the ladies.

Plus, your facial hair acts like a blanket in winter, keeping you snug and warm. And really, how hot does it actually get in summer?


1 – Times have changed

Top 10 Hottest Reasons to Grow a Beard
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Nowadays, there’s no reason not to grow a beard. In times gone by, tattoos and facial hair barred people from certain jobs and respectable social circles. But, things have changed…. Dramatically; beards are welcome anywhere, anytime.

So, the arguments for a well groomed beard are strong – sexy, healthy, economical and so on. A word of caution though – don’t get into a brawl because your opponent might score an advantage over you by tugging on your beard…ouch!

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