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Article Submission Rules

  • Should be more than 800 words
  • Should consist of 10 things (Descending order from #10 to #1)
  • Each number on the list should be accompanied by an image (770 x 440 px, we can help with re-sizing) or a video
  • Images and videos should be supplied with the original source, so that we can issue a credit
  • Article should be interesting and never published before on Top10Hottest.com
  • Article should be genuine and factual. (Give references with article)

Benefits of writing for Wonderslist

  • You will get paid a small fee for each article
  • You will get a mention (author name) in each post
  • You can become member of our amazing writer’s team

Payment Method

Send your articles to info@ten10hottest.com  along with payment method details.

Note: Once article get published, Rendham Marketing Services Ltd becomes the owner of that article. No further copyright is acceptable.

Guest blogging

Article Submission Rules

  • Same as above
  • Should be between 800 to  1500 words
  • Mention “Guest Blogging” in subject
  • Send your articles at info@ten10hottest.com

Benefits of Guest blogging at Wonderslist

  • You will get a backlink from Top10hottest.com
  • You will get a mention (author name) in each post

Our editorial team will review your article and backlink details. We will let you know about acceptance of article and backlink.

Note: We do not accepts articles/backlinks of below topics

  • E-commerce sites sells porn/weapons/drugs material
  • Adult content
  • Content that advocates against an individual, group, or organization
  • Copyrighted material
  • Drug, alcohol, and tobacco-related content
  • Hacking and cracking content
  • Violent content
  • Weapon-related content
  • Other illegal content

Note: You will get notified within 72 hours about your related query.